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Vision & Mission

The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective is a non-profit, global movement of women kiters. Its reason for existence is to empower women kiters, that is, to build their confidence, courage and skills so that they will become powerful leaders and decision-makers in their families, communities, businesses, and governments. It is our hope that they will create, for themselves and others, a better world with true gender equality.    

We are becoming a premier resource for kiteboarding education, inspiration, and connection for women around the world. The Collective encourages women to network, work together, learn together and build a sense of camaraderie in both kiteboarding and their lives. With that foundation, women can advocate for improvements in their lives and the lives of others.


Why Join Us?

EDUCATE. Learn from the best! The Collective is dedicated to making women kiteboarders' lives safer, easier, and more awesome. Learn as we share discussions with beginner and expert women kiters alike. Our ever-increasing community shares topics which range from 'Better boosting' to 'Becoming bikini confident'.  

CONNECT. Find like-minds among our global tribe. We are the best place on the Internet to get and share honest advice from women about #gear, #travel, #tips....and to meet new kiting friends at home and as you travel! Women supporting women..what a great idea!

INSPIRE. Our goal is to inspire kiting women so that we feel empowered to advocate for improvements in our lives and the lives of others. Kiting is full of obstacles and so is life, together we help lift each other up! 

Thank You

Those who join our community not only get support in reaching their kite goals, they support and inspire a global mission to bring equality to women everywhere.

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